Gretchen & Bill: Barbara Brought Joyful Guidance & Helpfulness

11 Jun
June 11, 2018

Having been engaged since 2009, we became very excited about an OBX vacation in May 2018. What if we would get married on the beach at sunset?

These sensational feelings of euphoria and merriment came over us. The spontaneity of our upcoming nuptials added to our jubilation.

Contacting Barbara’s website was our first part of the planning process. Barbara called back within 15 minutes. Barbara’s joyful guidance and helpfulness with specific details gave us the piece of mind to relax and enjoy our day.

The 2nd part was the perfect weather report for a sunset beach wedding.

One final detail unfolded before us. We needed to find 2 witnesses. Barbara had all the confidence in us to find the perfect people to join us on the beach as our witnesses. JUST in CASE Barbara had a back up witness plan for us.

The flowers were staged just beyond where the seawater rushes in to meet the sand.

Barbara’s ceremony vows deeply touched our hearts and forged our emotions together. The perfect ceremony is now a memory and in our photographs.

We will have Barbara’s ceremony vows to reread at our anniversaries.

Thank you to Barbara for a nuptial ceremony of perfect jubilation.

Bill and Gretchen


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