From Denise & Glen: The Most Amazing Reverend

13 Jun
June 13, 2018

For Reverend Barbara

How can one be so Blessed?

Unable to answer that but felt continuous Blessing since 3/16/18…The day My Guy decided Our Long Engagement was ready for the Next step. Marriage!

That day he became Our Wedding Planner/ Future Groom. The Googled Wedding Searcher. The Most Amazing Reverend answered His request within a week we met Our Beautiful Reverend Barbara!

She brought us so much into our Wedding Plans..Guidance, Suggestions and Awesomeness ( Love, Hugs and Extreme Calmness) 2 Weeks ago, May 31, Reverend Barbara Pronounced Us “Husband and Wife”! The Most Beautiful Wedding Ever! She took a picture with us gathered at reflecting Sunrise..5:47 am! Blessed Our Blended Unity Vessel as She, We Each Member poured into.. not an easy task as ours weighed at 50 pounds!

The Blessings, The Ceremony, The Love that Surrounded Me were A Feeling I Never felt before! I became a Calm Bride when Reverend Barbara took my hand and gave My Soon to be Husband a tissue for me( which He needed more) The Most Important to me was to cast a line. (Instead of Bouquet or Rice) Had Go Pros going but when downloading it wasn’t there. Sad. Showed to My Family and Shazam!

Reverend Barbara took Our Gadget and Recorded Another Must Have Moment! The Blessings Continue.

Thank You So Much Reverend Barbara! You have Made My Day EXACTLY As I Hoped! Sorry for the delay on responding, Cloud 9 wouldn’t let me go.

Forever Grateful! My Husband knows how to pick The Best! Truly Blessed

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