William and Oberto: Dare County Beach Ceremony Beautifully Officiated

14 Sep
September 14, 2021

We highly recommend Rev. Mulford. She officiated our ceremony on the beach so beautifully. We found her to be professional, kind, and a powerful orator.

She genuinely wanted to know our story so she could tailor the ceremony to us as a couple. As a same sex couple we wanted to make sure she would have no issues about marrying us. Her immediate response was ”none at all… love is love.”

Those were not mere words as she treated us with the utmost respect and attention to detail. Her metaphors about the tides of the oceans compared to ebbs and flow of marriage were profound. She challenged us as a couple and encouraged us.

Felt like we had know her for years. Rev. Barbara knows the ins and outs of the wedding requirements here in Dare. She performed the ceremony exactly as we wanted and even though we had only just met she made the experience personal and very meaningful. I really can’t say enough positives/raves about her and the ceremony she performed. Highly recommend.

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