How to Select the Perfect Engagement Ring

02 Aug
August 2, 2013

For a courtship to be considered a true success, there is only one logical destination: matrimony. And for any relationship to lead to this most coveted of ceremonies, a number of things must go right. The couple in question must be emotionally compatible and share similar interests, they should have similar life goals, want the same things, etc, etc.

It’s also helpful if they can imagine a future together without constantly being at each other’s throats. But more importantly than any of that, for an Outer Banks marriage to take place at all, one tiny little thing must happen: the bride to be must first say yes.

That means the male suitor in question has some pre-planning to do. People enjoy romantic traditions and all the pomp and circumstance that comes with a big ceremony. So any guys out there thinking about popping the question will want to kick everything off by extending that most ceremonial of offerings, the engagement ring.

With that in mind, here are things guys could and should keep in mind when setting off to find that perfect ring.

Ring Size

Most people don’t mention it, but size is the most important part of the ring-selection process. Think about it: is a diamond ring really worth all that much if it won’t fit on that special someone’s finger? And nothing can ruin a romantic proposal quicker than inadvertently making a girl feel self-conscious by handing her an undersized ring. The way to get around this problem is through good old-fashioned espionage. Guys should get a hold of one of their significant other’s current rings and size it up.

Type of Band

One of the great misnomers about engagement rings is that the “shininess” factor derives solely from the stone. In fact, the band itself plays a large role in this, depending on the type of metal from which it is manufactured. There are five metals used in rings that shimmer brighter than the rest: rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, silver and platinum. The golds are certainly bright, but won’t retain their luster over time. Conversely, platinum may not be as shiny as gold, but it will last longer.

Stone Selection

Yes, now we get to the heart of the matter: the diamond. Obviously it is crucial to select a stone she will love, but there is an art to this process. And any guy should know what he’s getting into before dropping three months salary. To this end, men should keep the four C’s in mind. They are:

Cut – the way a stone is cut will have a lot to do with its overall sparkle factor. Stone cutters worth their salt can create angles and shape the rock in a way that fundamentally alters its proportion and prisms, thus creating more glimmer.

Carat – one of the more famous diamond-related terms is “carat.” In reality it is not at all complicated: carat merely refers to a stone’s weight. And grade school math tells us that the higher a diamond’s carat, the more it will cost the poor schlub in question.

Color – diamonds do come in colors, a whole spectrum in fact. They range from light yellow (Z) to colorless (D). Even though the colorless options are often the most expensive, many women prefer white stones.

Clarity – guys tend to get lost when jewelers start throwing out complicated trade terms like “inclusions.” All this refers to is how many imperfections – mineral deposits, fractures, etc. – are afflicting the stone. A diamond with high clarity has few inclusions – and is therefore more expensive.

The above list of guidelines should provide even the most hapless of suitors with a decent roadmap to success. But above all else — and even more important than the diamond itself — guys need to create a near-perfect and memorable environment in which to pop the question.


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