Color Your World: The Latest Trend in Wedding Dresses

03 Jul
July 3, 2013

This year, wedding dresses hit the runways in shades of vibrant red, dreamy blues, dramatic burgundy, elegant taupe, girly pink and glamorous gold, bringing with them a beautiful new trend in wedding dresses… color! The timeless shades of white, off-white and ivory are still available for the more conservative, classic-loving ladies, but if you have always dreamed of adding a bit more color to your Outer Banks wedding, this is definitely the year to do it.

Some tips for making a colored wedding dress work for your big day:

1. Dramatize the Décor

Complement your wedding party colors by either matching or wearing a dress in a similar shade. You want to be the center of attention because you look glowingly gorgeous, not because you don’t fit in (or clash with) your surroundings.

Some brides are choosing a color family for the entire wedding party to wear, rather than trying to match everyone up exactly, which can create a striking monochromatic ombre-esque effect that is simply stunning.

If you are a color lover with a flair for drama, you can also take this trend all the way and have a rainbow-themed wedding, making sure that each wedding party member represents a different color. If done with an elegant dress style and thoughtful planning, this can be a dazzling display of multi-hued magnificence.

2. Minimize the Accessories

If you would like to wear a colored wedding dress, in order to keep it looking simple and elegant, don’t add a lot of accessories to compete with the dress and bright color.

Too many pieces of jewelry and extras will create a busy, complicated look that can cheapen the more formal style you’re seeking for this ceremonial occasion. You want it to look like a wedding dress, not an out-on-the-town/party dress.

3. Keep It Classy

If you’re going to participate in the colored wedding dress trend, be sure to choose a dress with an uncomplicated, graceful style that isn’t too revealing or tight. You’ll already be standing out because of the bright color, so you want all other style elements to be subdued and sophisticated.

4. White Wedding, Rainbow Reception

If you come from a conservative family who might be shocked to see a bright bride, never fear; you can wear white for the ceremony and then get your color fix with a fun and vibrantly-hued reception dress. Be sure to coordinate your reception gown with the wedding party and wedding décor colors for a cohesive and consistent theme.

5. Back It Up

Remember that people will be staring at your back during the wedding ceremony, so it’s a good idea to make sure the back of your dress is as interesting and lovely as the front. Portrait-backed dresses with feminine lace, intricate embroideries and intriguing keyholes are very popular this season, so you can wear dress that grabs attention from all angles.

Some women look better in colors than they do in white, so depending on your complexion and hair color, you may want to embrace the new colored wedding dress trend. And if you do decide to choose a brightly-hued gown, use the above tips to wear it with style, grace and sophistication.


Aubrey Eben is a professional blogger that shares tips on wedding planning and bridal dresses. She writes for Winnie Couture, where you can find a beautiful collection of bridal gowns at their salons and authorized retailers.

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