Christina & Keith Win July 2018 Free Wedding Renewal Service

06 Jul
July 6, 2018

The town of Bel Air is the county seat of Harford County, Maryland. According to the 2010 United States Census the population of the town was 10,120, and its identity has gone through several incarnations since 1780. Aquilla Scott, who had inherited land known as “Scott’s Improvement Enlarged,” planned the town on a portion that he called “Scott’s Old Fields.” Four years later, the town had expanded as local politicians, merchants, and innkeepers purchased lots from Scott, and the county commissioners decided to change its name to the more appealing “Belle Aire.” In his deeds, Scott dropped one letter, renaming the town, “Bell Aire.” Around 1798, court records dropped two more letters, and “Bel Air” was born.

Renewal Is In The Air

Our July 2018 Winners for the free wedding service are Christina and Keith, from Bel Air, MD. They will be renewing their vows after 18 years of marriage. The town’s penchant for rebranding and reinventing itself probably doesnt explain why our new winners are looking to renewal their vows, but it makes for a great story. Read more →

Mystery Couple Wins January 2018 Free Wedding Service Drawing

12 Jan
January 12, 2018

The January 1, 2018 free service contest winner has been selected and notified, but I can’t give you too many details right now as they are planning on eloping this fall here on the Outer Banks and have not told their friends and family yet! I will share some of the bride’s email to me after being told the good news.
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Kimberly & Dave Win July’s Free Wedding Officiant Services

05 Jul
July 5, 2017

An amazing couple from The City of Brotherly Love has won this year’s 2nd drawing for our free Outer Banks Wedding Officiant Services and will have Reverend Barbara at their wedding renewal in Avon, NC. How suiting for this Philly couple! Read more →

An Introduction To This Blog – And The Free Wedding Service Chance!

11 Apr
April 11, 2012

Welcome to my blog!

The person you choose to conduct your ceremony is about to share a very intimate, personal, spiritual moment in your life. It would be my deep heartfelt honor to be the representative of the State of North Carolina to fulfill the legal requirements for your wedding ceremony and assist you in creating the perfect ceremony for you on your special day.

Getting To Know Me

However, choosing such a person is not an easy decision. Your wedding day is all about loving and being loved. The ceremony celebrates love in all its aspects and dimensions; a couple’s love and commitment to one another, as well as the legal union of two lives. As an officiant, I take such responsibilities seriously, and that’s why I’ve decided to keep a blog.

This blog will offer couples the opportunity to see my previous experience, as I write about how I help couples, but also into my personal life – my volunteer work with Parkinson’s Disease and hospice patients, as well as my work as an artist.

It will also offer several lucky couples the chance to receive a free OBX wedding ceremony! Click on the link to learn more about it 😉

An Independent, but Spiritual Officiant

Many people belong to a church and have a minister they wish to perform their wedding ceremony. However, for those who don’t have that affiliation or aren’t from the Outer Banks, an independent professional officiant who represents the state can provide a non-denominational and/or spiritual wedding ceremony that celebrates love, trust, respect, fidelity, honesty and family.

As you prepare the unending details of your wedding, I hope you keep this blog in mind. Its contents will show my spiritual side, as well as my ability to communicate your most unique requests, believes, and values.

Important Info for NC/OBX Weddings

I made sure to include fundamental information about getting married on the Outer Banks, as well as obtaining a NC Marriage license. You’ll also like to see some of the most popular ceremonies on the OBX. Be sure to read those resources attentively, they’re very helpful.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to working with you!

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