Emily & Irakli – We Felt Like Rev. Mulford Had Known Us for a Lifetime

22 Jun
June 22, 2020

Rev. Barbara was an excellent officiant for our wedding. While we had meticulously planned other parts of our wedding, we were struggling with planning the ceremony part. We are not religious so we had hoped to find someone who could give an eloquent speech about our relationship and history as high school sweethearts.

Rev. Mulford met with us and corresponded often via email and over the phone. We spent hours talking with her in a coffee shop; we left feeling like we had known her for a lifetime. She also eased all of our fears about the ceremony and made us feel peaceful about the little details of the ceremony.

She had wonderfully creative ideas too – in addition to the sand ceremony, she outlined the seashell ceremony which was perfect for Jennette’s Pier.

Each guest had two seashells: one to wish on and throw in the ocean, and the other one to put in our sand ceremony vessel. This was such a beautiful and unifying act during the ceremony that we will never forget. It gave us the chance to smile at every single one of our guests who were there to share in our love and joy, as well as a keepsake that we see every day in our home.

We are so grateful for Rev. Mulford’s counsel and part in making our wedding day so special.

Emily and Irakli


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