2-Part Wedding Ceremony Due To Snowstorm

08 Feb
February 8, 2017

We went through dozens of websites before finding Barbara. Once we saw her website, we knew she was the one.
We are in Ohio, and we had a ceremony up here so our family would be present to hear our vows and then we had a big party for friends and family. But, we wanted to be officially married in the Outer Banks which is like home. We are hoping to relocate down there after the last child is out of college!!

We got a hold of Barbara and she was to marry us on Valentine’s Day this year which fell on a Sunday. We needed to be at the government offices on Friday to obtain our marriage license.

Well, we were in town on that Friday, but we took our time checking into the beach house and shopping. A snowstorm actually hit that weekend, and it was bad enough on Friday to close the government offices early so we could not obtain our marriage license!

So, Barbara was gracious enough to meet us on Jeanette’s Pier anyway on Sunday, which was so cold and blustery, and we went ahead with the ceremony. But, Barbara could not pronounce us husband and wife without our marriage license. So, she had us meet at the government offices first thing the next morning with our witnesses in tow, and we finished our ceremony there!

She handled all the paperwork and even gave us marriage certificate with Valentine’s Day as the date! She was so wonderful about the whole thing and having to meet twice!

She made it fun and we have a great story to tell! She was kind and compassionate! She made our experience very special and we will always cherish what we shared with her on the pier and at the government office. She had beautiful words for us and it meant so much that she was the one to make it official for us!

We feel we made a friend for life and we will recommend her to everyone!

Donna & Randy

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